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BitCats are cute Pixel Art NFTs living on the Blockchain. Each pixel was carefully placed by hand to create a great variety of tiny pixel cats.

GenBitCats have now all been minted on Polygon and can be collected on OpenSea

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Wizard Cat, the original character and first NFT from the BitCats collection

What are BitCats?

BitCats have originally been created as a collection of 81 pixel art cats, by some dude who just found out about NFTs. The collection started in March 2021 and was finished later that year. 81 Genesis BitCats have been created in the process, which are the base for the generative Collection GenBitCats.

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With the Genesis BitCats collection completed and sold out, GenBitCats are the next step. This project will be the base for further developing the BitCats Universe and its community.

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Genesis BitCats

The first BitCat, the Wizard was on a mission to safe the universe. On its journey, it discovered lots of frens along the way, which joined the Wizard on its mission. These 81 Genesis BitCats have all been carefully crafted by hand and are the base of the new generation of cats, that began spawning in December 2021. If you are still looking for a cute pixel art cat fren, that will live forever, then you are lucky, as GenBitCats are now on OpenSea!

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Timeline &

There are several ideas for the roadmap and things, that would be great to integrate into the collection. BitCats is a long term project and created by a very small team. Due to that, the scope of this project is small and the development paste rather slow. New features and work on the project will continue for years to come, however.

Jun 2020
Vincent, the creator of BitCats, started working on a pixel art game and in the process he created the first BitCat, the Wizard.
Wizard Cat, the original character and first NFT from the BitCats collection
Sep 2020
After some time developing the game, Vincent found out that the art creation is something he wants to focus on and not game development. The project laid doormat for some time.
Nov 2020
Vincent discovered NFTs through Beebles 2020 everyday collection drop and was fascinated by the space immediately. As an active collector of CS:GO skins, the idea of ownership of digital tokens made sense right away.
Mar 2021
After learning more about NFTs and exploring the space for a while, the Genesis BitCats collection started eventually as a digital collectible based on the first BitCat. 81 unique cats with a variety of traits and references to pop culture, video games and the NFT space have been created.
Jul 2021
The final Genesis BitCat has been minted on July 27, 2021. With this, the first collection of 81 Genesis BitCats finished, work on GenBitCats began.
Oct 2021
BitCats trading volume increased, which allowed for further development of the project and working on the next generation.
Dec 2021
GenBitCats officially launched on December 15, 2021. Genesis owners were able to mint two free GenBitCats.
Feb 2022
The BitCats.io website got an overhaul and got merged together with GenBitCats.io. The website now features the full Genesis Collection and Generative Collection under one site. Also, a feature to explore all traits (wip) and the rarity have been added.
What's next?
There are multiple ideas for further developing the project. As time and funds are limited, development is relatively slow but steady. Next big steps include a Metaverse integration and a GenBitCats evolution of some form, as well as expanding the BitCats Universe beyond.


What are GenBitCats?


GenBitCats are the next generation of BitCats. They have been generated out of traits from the OG BitCats collection and new traits introduced in GenBitCats. The Cats are designed to be highly collectible NFTs with further utility that will be added down the road.

How can I buy GenBitCats?


To purchase GenBitCats, you need a MetaMask wallet and funds on that wallet to mint. With that wallet, you can sign in to the website and mint up to two GenBitCats.

How many GenBitCats can I buy?


You can mint up to two GenBitCats for 0.04 ETH each. If you own a NFT from the OG BitCats collection, you can mint two additional GenBitCats for free.

What can I do with my GenBitCats?


Firstly, you can truly own them. That's something that was no possible for digital art, and the blockchain is allowing this now. You can just collect them, like trading cards or toy figures. You can trade and sell them. Or you just look at your BitCat and be happy. Further utility is planned down the road for the BitCats Universe. For now, there are mainly digital art collectibles. They are designed as your digital companion through the metaverse.

Whats the difference between Genesis- and GenBitCats?


The genesis is the first ever BitCat collection, with a total supply of 81 cats. These are all handmade, with individual traits and stuff. There won't be more and all further BitCats, are based on these first 81.

GenBitCats is the second generation, generated out of the Genesis traits. More traits and neat features have been added to the GenBitCats, to make for a very collectible project and cute digital companions.

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