GenBitCats are cute, generated Pixel Art NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC 721 tokens.
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What are GenBitCats?

BitCats have originally been created as a collection of 81 cute, unique, handmade pixel art NFTs. The collection started in March 2021 and was finished later this year. These 81 OG BitCats are the grandparents for GenBitCats. More traits and neat features have been added to make for a very collectible NFT project. Every OG BitCat owner can mint 2 free GenBitCats at launch!

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A new Generation

Now with the OG BitCats collection completed and sold out, GenBitCats are the next step. This project will be the base for further developing the BitCats Universe. Join the Discord now to get updates and potential whitelist spots!

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GenBitCats can be minted


GenBitCats per wallet

0.04 ETH

for each GenBitCat


Secondary sales royalties


There are several ideas for the roadmap and things, that would be neat to integrate into the collection. These ideas are meant as a direction for what can be added after launch. The main focus right now is to smoothly launch GenBitCats and see where it goes from there! :)

GenBitCat Evolutions

New generations of BitCats can be evolved from the first Gen. BitGems can be minted by owners to evolve their GenBitCats.

Metaverse Integration

The Metaverse is here, and integrating BitCats in some form is one of the next steps for the project.

BitCat Games

BitCats origin comes from a video game, that it was designed for. Connecting back to this origin, by developing a BitCats game, is one goal of the collection.

3D BitCats

Planned as Metaverse avatars and a new generation for BitCat owners.

Staking & ERC20

Earn ERC20 Tokens, which can be used in BitCat Games and integrations down the road.

BitCats Merch

Merchandise will be created for the BitCats Universe, which can only be bought by Token owners.




Is a very capable dev, who makes the smart contract and minting website.


Helps to develop the discord, community and in marketing.

Awesome Mods

We have a great team of mods composed out of NaysanEquity, Nobi, Rycca, Salmatt and Ozi who are helping to build the community.


What are GenBitCats?


GenBitCats are the next generation of BitCats. They have been generated out of traits from the OG BitCats collection and new traits introduced in GenBitCats. The Cats are designed to be highly collectible NFTs with further utility that will be added down the road.

How can I buy GenBitCats?


To purchase GenBitCats, you need a MetaMask wallet and funds on that wallet to mint. With that wallet, you can sign in to the website and mint up to two GenBitCats.

How many GenBitCats can I buy?


You can mint up to two GenBitCats for 0.04 ETH each. If you own a NFT from the OG BitCats collection, you can mint two additional GenBitCats for free.

Will there be a whitelist?


Yes, 256 whitelist spots will be given out. Each whitelist spot can mint two GenBitCats, one of them for free. Join the BitCats Universe Discord to get updates on the whitelist process.

What can I do with my GenBitCats?


Firstly, you can truly own them. That's something that was no possible for digital art and the blockchain is allowing this now. Then you can just collect them, like trading cards or toy figures. You can trade and sell them. You can just look at your BitCats and be happy. :3 Further utility is planned down the road for the BitCats Universe.

Wen mint?


Presale starts December 15th, 6pm UTC. Main sale is on December 16th, 6pm UTC!

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You can now mint GenBitCats through the presale.

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